Invest In You

For anyone looking for a new investment it is important to have a company that is ready to make the leap without any rigorous hoops for you to jump through. For those that want to start investing or that need investors, Infoenna is ready and waiting to help people change their lives. Investors can make a huge difference in the overall effectiveness and success of a company and we are looking to help.

For many companies, the start of real growth begins with those first few investors. This is a crucial part of any growth but especially for beginning growth as it helps to reduce some of the strain and worry that is often associated with the start of a new company. With the right initial investors, you can make a big impact and get the attention of other potential investors as well.

Infoenna wants to help. We are currently looking for great new companies to invest in so that we can not only help you grow but help our own portfolios grow as well. For many new businesses, much of the trouble with starting up is difficulty acquiring investors that are willing to help invest money without wanting to take a huge stake in the company.

We hope to be able to offer opportunities to new companies that may not have the clout to pull big name investors or that may not have the capitol or overall value in their current business situation to secure bank loans and other types of money to get them off the ground. We hope that through our investment we can help companies get that exposure, get that funding, and get that capitol that they need to truly grow and expand.

If you are looking for investments, looking for investors, or just looking for someone that can help you get your investors going, Infoenna is here to help. We hope to find new companies that are not only exciting but also excited and ready to grow and expand with us. Applying for an investment is easier than you might imagine. We are currently looking to invest in companies of all sizes and types you just need to reach out.

You simply need to contact us with a brief description of your company, your pitch, and what sort of an investment you are looking for. Our team will take the time to go over your proposal and evaluate the potential for investment. It is crucial that you provide proper contact information as well as any relevant websites or social media sites so that we can get a better feel for your company and what you do.

We look forward to working with you and to seeing just what you have to offer. We are constantly looking for new investments and are ready and willing to work with companies of all sizes to help you realize your dreams and to help your company grow to the heights that it deserves to occupy.