About Us

As an investing company, we look for investment opportunities that are not only beneficial to us as a company, but also to those that we choose to invest in. We look for companies that are ready and willing to grow and that really want to experience the positive growth that we can help to provide.

We have a skilled team that works to visit and look over each applicant for investment so that we can provide the best possible outcome for each potential investor. As an investing company, we take the time to take the money we have to invest in those companies that we believe in and that we feel can make a true difference with the help of our investment.

Infoenna was created by Jason Thompson, a business man based out of Toronto, Canada. The company stems from a love of helping people and from a long history of helping others and working to use his money to make the world a better place for others.

Mr. Thompson began his investing by helping a friend with his startup beer company. He worked to help his friend to grow his business to the point that it is now one of the largest producers of beer in Canada and they export around the world. His career continued by investing in various companies in the entertainment industry as well as the US theme park chain, Six Flags.

The investment opportunity that Mr. Thompson was given came from humble beginnings by selling wares to local sailors on freight ships that docked in the Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal in Newark Bay. He worked several odd harbor related jobs where he could come and go and sell to the sailors at the same time.

From his humble beginnings came the desire to do something more and to make something more. He worked to continue to build his funds so that he could begin to invest and to grow his wealth. Infoenna is Mr. Thompson’s first formal attempt at helping people invest and helping people grow their businesses by investing his own money.

Infoenna is a company that is dedicated to helping others and to helping them make the most of hteir ideas and their companies through investing. With the help of a skilled team Infoenna is able to take the time to review each request for investment and to figure out what investment is going to make the most benefit for all parities involved.

For those that are looking for an investment opportunity and are looking for a company that is going to help them to build their own business, Infoenna is the investment company for you. We take the time to make sure that each investment is the right move and that we provide the right opportunities for our investors.

Contact Infoenna today to find out more about what our investment opportunities are and how you can become a part of our growing client base.